Enabling you to understand user satisfaction within your building and facilities services.

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Facilities Management Quality Index

An independent, accredited and benchmarked tool to measure user satisfaction with facilities services. The Facilities Management Quality Index is a core component of our Benchmarking Club, and may be freely delivered to many organisations.

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Pre-relocation Surveys

Surveys designed to assist strategic project teams understand the needs, wants and aspirations of their stakeholders. The questions explore what aspects of their current and future premises people feel are essential, important or just nice to have.

Travel Surveys

Surveys designed to help organisations understand how their staff travel to and for work. The questions also explore why certain modes of transport are prevalent and what stops people changing to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. An essential part of green planning for any organisation.

Quality assessments

Our Consultants work closely with FM clients and providers to review actual service performance delivered. We have a range of tools and assessment techniques that can be deployed to assess quality. Our aim is to produce an independent report that compares the performance of service delivery to contract specification, best practice and customer expectation.

Client Surveys for FM Providers

Surveys designed to assist FM Providers connect with and understand their client’s thoughts and views. Senior managers within client organisations, who are responsible for managing or procuring FM services, are asked a range of telling questions about the services being delivered. With our independent surveys clients and providers can be confident in the accuracy, confidentiality and impartiality of the resultant data.

KPI reviews

Our consultants work closely with clients and providers to review Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to develop a set of meaningful measures. Our aim is to facilitate an agreement around a set of KPIs that:

  • Inform the client about performance
  • Measure things that are important to the client
  • Are achievable by the provider
  • Are not onerous to collate or report on

Bespoke surveys and research projects

Our consultants will work closely with clients to design develop, analyse and report on bespoke surveys and research projects. Our experience and expertise in designing questions greatly helps clients examine their specific areas of interest.

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Comparing and learning from the best
This weekend I suffered from an attack of serious garden envy. Visiting a friend, I saw a fantastically productive vegetable patch, with a flourishing array of plants just waiting to be harvested. Comparing this with our own somewhat struggling vegetables, it was easy to feel despondent. His was so clearly superior; you could say “best … Continue reading Comparing and learning from the best

A rollercoaster journey
Our Director Lucy Black recently visited the iconic Titanic Belfast building. Here is her article published in February 2015’s Facilities Management about the building and facilities services, where a great customer experience is provided.

The frustration of forms
Yet again I am confronted with a form that doesn’t really work for me. In the past week I have had the online form that assumed I had a house number (I don’t, and like lots of people in rural areas this isn’t because I live in a mansion), one with completely insufficient space to … Continue reading The frustration of forms

Customer service cut to the bone
I’ve just spent the weekend as a tourist in London, when my brothers and I took our elderly mum to London, to visit 2 exhibitions and see the stunning poppies at the Tower of London. I was left thinking about the impact of building facilities and staffing on us as customers. Mum uses a wheeled … Continue reading Customer service cut to the bone

Career Ladder – Lucy Black’s career in facilities management
Read the article in the October FMJ.

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